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Azriel Clary Brings In Birthday With New Single "Wait On Me"

There's nothing like good music to soothe the soul, end the year and celebrate another trip around the sun. Azriel Clary, now professionally known as Azriel, celebrated her birthday by gifting…

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Reezie Roc "SUPER DAPPER" feat. 48 Snipe Official Video


Reezie Roc is on to something, The Dapper Rap Genre is A "BREATHE OF FRESH AIR" with His Smash Hit Single " Super Dapper " taking the music industry on a new journey and by storm, super dapper is fresh, clean, smooth, tasteful, a whole vibe and DAPPER !…


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Kam Krzy releases a new album titled 'Krzy Modern Life'

Born and raised in the Bay area, and heavily influenced by his family along with the daily adventures of everyday life, alternative hip-hop artist, Kam Krzy is a definite force to be reckoned with! With five years in the game, he is focused on making efficient and consistent moves in the music industry and is dedicated to setting himself apart from his peers. His decision to start his own record label, and…

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Royal Family Films Announces Partnership with TubiTV


Newark, New Jersey., -- (June 23, 2021) – Royal Family Films, an independent film company led by Alonzo Herran, Jr., announces a partnership with TubiTV that covers multiple Royal Family “independent” films currently on their platform.

LIVING WITH NO REGRETS (2013): Malcolm Graves is a master hustler from the streets of Newark, New Jersey, who just wants to…


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Bronx artist Mayor Kachi is making noise

Mayor Kachi is the next best thing hailing from the Bronx. His involvement with music started in youthful years freestyles at school lunch table and bathrooms. Started taking his musical talents serious and years ago.  Inspired by heavily by a cousin Dolo who was killed in 2015. He dedicated his lyrical  versatility to making real music he would enjoy. Mayor Kachi eventually started writing music for other acts. Some…


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Mighty Will - Prolly Will (Official Video)


Prolly Will is the initial release off Mighty Will’s debut album, “Will It.” This banger is the ultimate soundtrack to manifestation. The melodic sample, rumbling 808, and catch hook will have you feeling like….well, you prolly will.



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jjLamar - Living Testimony

Faith in God Records presents jjLamar album Living Testimony. Stream on all digital platforms now.

jjLamar - Living Testimony…


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Baton Rouge artist SNUG toy giveaway and free haircuts

Baton Rouge artist @__snug toy giveaway and free haircuts.. Preview a new song on his upcoming album release on December 30th.



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Swag Juice - Highly Favored

Listen to Highly Favored by Swag Juice on all digital platforms.

Swag Juice - Highly Favored…


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Smiddy Allen Poe feat. Sprinna - Forgive Me

Gospel hip hop rappers Smiddy Allen Poe and Sprinna release Forgive Me.

Smiddy Allen Poe feat. Sprinna - Forgive Me…

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Sea Dawg · VH Bigg Wopp · King Hazel - Invisible Pole

Hip-Hop rappers Sea Dawg, VH Bigg Wopp and King Hazel release Invisible Pole Produced by Smiddy Allen Poe.…


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Richie Mike - Gorilla Glue (Official video)

Boss Baller Entertainment/Never Stop Entertainment artists Richie Mike out of Texas presents the official music video for Gorilla Glue. Go watch now and download all music on digital streaming platforms. Check out mixtape Gaining Traction streaming…


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Gift God is currently on tour!

Atlanta artist Gift God is currently on tour, making noise!

Gift God is performing live in the following cities:

Cervantes Other Side - Denver, Colorado 12/7

Los Globos - Los Angeles, California 12/8…


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Lawrence OTS releases "Matrix” in preparation for his debut project Flow Master

When music flows through you like a heart that pumps blood, it gives you abilities that allow you to channel different emotions and styles. What comes natural to you is a struggle for others and that’s what makes an artist stand out amongst the competition.

Lawrence OTS (Over the Struggle) born in Meridian, Miss and raised in Laurel, Miss is…


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Miss Sosa puts life experiences to music in new single "Not The One"

When life gives you a calling, it may take years before you understand why it's calling, why you’re the one chosen to give the world a gift you knew you had but wasn't quite sure it was for you. A lot of artists dive into the music world because it’s a trend but when music is your gift, it becomes the reason you stand out. Sometimes you must go through painful life lessons before you take that risk, but once you do…


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Monay Sha'Reece & Shady Nate release new music 'Bonnie & Clyde'

A soulful melody about an unbreakable couple on a mission to beat the odds and overcome the struggle right by each others side. Amazing vocals executed by Monay Sha'Reece with the rhythmic melody executed by the Bay Area Legend himself - Shady Nate.…


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Introducing Southeast Washington artist, Dat Kid Wingz

Dat Kid Wingz is a Multi-Genre artist from Southeast Washington, DC. At the age of 8 he realized he had a passion for music and became a Dj. He later began writing his own music at age 12 after hearing so many styles of music. Now he is looking to reshape the music because he was “...tired hearing too much trash music”. Growing up in the Chocolate City has taught Wingz the importance of finding a passion , and music…


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Arkansas artist Buddy Lo releases new music 'Lost Hope'

Buddy Lo drops off his new single “Lost Hope” where he catches your ear with his unique style and raw and reality based flow stay tuned for more….…


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Riot Da God Drops A Banger Titled 'War Song'

Hi, my name is Jonathan “Riot da God”Bowles; I am a medically retired army veteran diagnosed with major depression and PTSD. I have seen and experienced a lot, but I have learned to express my feelings through writing from reading and therapy.

I've learned that some forms of depression stem from early childhood, so I have written a mini-series of books for children to understand and…


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Keylluminati drops the second installment of his Rebirth series

This is the second installment of Keylluminati's Rebirth series and it is nothing less than great. You can tell the artist has grown and evolved since he dropped the first Rebirth. Keylluminati proves that he is not tied down to one genre when it…


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