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Kilo M.O.E drops his latest music video ‘Watch what you say’ perfectly created to add another jewel to his cap

Nurturing his natural skills for over 20 years, an artist, producer, entertainer, mogul, and entrepreneur who has evolved his sound and style most aptly with time to captivate the attention of all is Kilo M.O.E. With time, the talented artist has beautifully sharpened his qualities and his abilities to contribute a distinctive sound to the hip-hop scene. His music is influenced mostly by the sounds of the late 70s and early 80s classic, to which the hip-hop producer inputs his addictive…


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B3nzo has come up with his third hit single, “Came From”. The whole tempo of the song is based off the beginning of the hook and it stands out. “Look where we came from, no wonder how we came up”. It is a relatable verse in so many ways. The listener can hear the pain, passion, and fire in B3nzo’s voice. He states “I am on a different page, just focus…


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Topeka Based Hip Hop Artist Sawab Jaleel Hazim is Ready to Indulge the Crowd with His Upcoming Single ‘Hateon'

Kansas, Entrepreneur and community servant and Hip Hop scholar, teacher, and performer Sawab Jaleel Hazim, affectionately known as SJ is creating substantial waves of social, cultural, and creative inspiration. His newest musical project, ‘I Pressed On’ includes the single ‘Hateon’ that is available for pre-order with an upcoming video leading the Charge in which a trailer has been released via social media and other locations. His eclectic interests have led him to be involved in various…


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P.u.s.h has released his next hit single, “Up To Me”. This song flows with the current events. This balance of reality and lyrics brings the song to life. Verses are well depicted with pictures of him and his family in the cover art. “It’s up to me, I gotta be the change I wanna see.”

Make sure you follow P.u.s.h via…


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Welcome to the world of KiidTruth, one of the hottest Independent Artists coming out of Montana. He brings out vibes and a similar approach as Drake. He can sing and rap, which sets him apart and ahead from other acts. The beat selection for “Mood” is as smooth as his acting in this video. The song starts off with a catchy verse “She told me she loved…


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The Chosen One

Meikazoid is holding no punches with his style. Coming from the East Coast, repping New Jersey, he has a big weight on his shoulders. Signed to It’s Gorgeous Musique in May 2020, Meikazoid is determined to follow his creative light, and his passion, and pick up the music torch. He says “My style is me, call it a “MeikStyle”. It’s a mix of Soul and…


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Lone Pe$o- City on Fire

Lone Peso, one of Arizona’s up and coming talented Artists, has released a song relatable to the whole country, and quite possibly, the World. His song City on Fire has picked up momentum in the local scene as well as National coverage on the radio as well. His song has a lyrical message, and the hook is catchy to make you remember the song. Check him…


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Spice 1 & Q Bosilini’s Protégé Debuts his first single “Hands” off their label Thug World South


Spice 1 & Q Bosilini’s Protégé Debuts his first…


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Thee Kidd Introduction

Meet Thee Kidd!

Kyron Brewington, professionally known as Thee Kidd, was born to La'rhonda Espie and Karl Brewington in Los Angeles on October 12, 1997. In his early years, Thee Kidd was raised by his mom. He was then raised by his grandmother in Inglewood, California throughout middle and high school. Thee KIDD took an interest in rapping during his junior year of high school with his friend, Jai Reese. Over time, he created the group Trolley Gang. Being apart of Trolley Gang means… Continue

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Welcome to the South's best kept secret, M5 ASTRO, which is an acronym for After Struggle There Rose Opportunity. Coming from a small town by the name of Shellman, in the state of Georgia, M5 grew up in the survival mode and struggle. The name fits his past and is present elevated state.

M5 didn't start getting in the booth consistently until he was 18. Not having the focus or the money to do it on a steady pace stopped him from producing hit after hit. Music was his passion, but it took a… Continue

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No Smoke- Banga Da Livewire ft Doeboy Jones

Coming straight out of the city that never sleeps, to the south’s own “Magic City” of Roanoke, VA, is the next collaboration to hit the streets.  Banga Da Live Wire, reppin’…


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MCGtherapper- "Therapy"


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All On Me- Dolla Rise


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