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Julio Giovanni Torres AKA Chi-King, is a Latino artist & actor based in Los Angeles.

Chi has been in movies with the likes of Eric Roberts, Beanie Sigel and legendary skater and clothing mogul, Stevie Williams. This…

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Many know the musical community around Washington D.C for either Go-Go music or punk. There is a growing hip-hop community as well, one which the upcoming artist Chuck Da Arsonist is slowly becoming the new face of.

Chuck Da Arsonist is the…


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Upcoming sensational artist U-G brings you his first single 'Slayed' featuring Indianapolis native pop sensation A'ron Easton. With the smooth vocal sound and melodic flow, this record will do numbers on the radio. Follow U-G on



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1st Degree

1st Degree hails from New Orleans, Louisiana- downtown, the infamous 9th ward. He is the youngest of five, and grew up in a single parent household. Unfortunately, at the age of 8, his father passed right in front of his eyes. 9th ward used to be the area of the city where dead bodies were dumped and execution was held. 1st degree saw a lot in his lifetime that molded him into the artist he became. He has played music all his life and comes from a city deep in music heritage. Music is his…


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This year Positive ID put a team together to throw his own events, and take control of his own promo.

Production is with one Elite producer by the name of  Brent Mania, who introduced him to Kristen.  Between the three of them, they got the ball rolling for his promo, but she really believes in him and now are an official team!!  They are a unit

 together and hope to build together with the music game. Granted, they had some speed bumps with their…


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Foreva Young J.P

Born Oc.28th, 1978, at Kings County Hospital, in Brooklyn N.Y, Jamel Shua Peguese was born.  This man otherwise known as Foreva Young J.P, Born East, Raised West, as a Northern California Kid. Jamel left his home town as a young child at the age of 8 along with his mother, father, and four younger siblings, two brothers two sisters. First stop was Hunters Point Double Rock, San Francisco 1986, then settling in Sacramento, CA, 1991. J.P has lived in several other states as an adult for…


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Danja Danja
Alias: Marques Comer
Hometown: Delaware by way of New Jersey
Danja Danja has a hard, LL Cool J type swag about his voice, but his flow is authentic and talks about real life.

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Hometown: Pompano Beach

Instagram: @g1thedon

Notable songs: “Fly Boy” “Clutchin” 

Why you need to know him:

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"Moneygame" member C Paypa was born in San Francisco, CA. C Paypa started rapping once he moved to Reno, NV at the age of 17. By the time he graduated high school, he was sent to prison. Despite the set back, he continues to pursue his career. He and the rest of the members have some of the hottest music and is definitely worth taking a listen to.



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Hello, my name is Kevin Stone born & raised in Long Island Va. Raised in a single parent household, my mom kept the family together tightly knit. Me & my sibling for the most part are extremely close due to the conditions of extreme poverty & our old two story farmhouse had no running water. This was the 80's & my dad pulled a bid for man slaughter when I was around 3 or 4 years old. I spend most all my school years from Yellow Branch Elementary School to Rustburg…

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King Edward 7th

aka Eddie Kain was born Edward McCallum in Louisville K.Y growing up in Atlanta ,

Queens N.Y and N.C. As a young boy he started to hear a sound that seemed to be the voice of the streets,

it was a powerful sound and he immediately felt that he wanted to be a part of it. The…


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Delaware's Finest

Delaware artist Pauly Dinero was born…


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Drewzii got his name because it was given to him. He had dreads and he was influenced by Lil Wayne, so instead of Weezy , his own people call him Drewzii. 

He has been rapping for about 9-10 years already. He has been rapping since he was a freshmen in high school. He was 13-14 years of age when it came about. He fell in love with music ever since he did his first freestyle. It has definitely been a journey to how far he has come.  Some of his biggest influences he can say have been…


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Jsmoove, an up and coming artist from Reading, Pennsylvania, equipped with a dynamic flow, explosive lyricism and creative wordplay he's been taking the world by storm doing shows and making connections from Miami to Detroit and everywhere in between. His music can be found on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Google,…


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The Rocky Mountains may not be the first place that comes to mind when you think about famous Rap

artists, but Chase Million is in the process of changing that with the upcoming release of his new album

Reflections. His debut album is a compilation of captivating and moving pieces written over the course of

ten years through which Chase eloquently conveys a number of powerful messages that are sure to inspire

the listener.

As a boy growing up in Utah, Chase…


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Xhina Blo is a female artist from Cleveland,…


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Now appearing in the 2017 XXL Freshman Class issue, Snap Libra has continued his career, as he already had his video "Pray for Me" air on MTV. He is currently in the process of finalizing his hot new album titled "Ranches Dreams 2". This time around, he came out swinging with features including MMG SCRILLA, SNIPER GANG "BUDDY MAN", and Chicago's own Edai. He has performed two of his tracks in Cleveland, Ohio which received a great response and crowd interaction. The album paints a picture of…


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Ray Beatz

Ray Beatz is a hot, young beat maker, and  producer from San Francisco, CA.  He is ready to take his career to the next level. Make sure you go check out his beats and follow him on FACEBOOK AS WELL

This music started In 2004 in his grandmothers bathroom with an Xbox, a radio, and a tape recorder. He started out rapping but it…


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DSR Schedule


 2pm - @WILDMAN333

 4pm - @YUNGDIGZ

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10am - @DJVerbalklint

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 2pm - @WILDMAN333

 4pm - @DJFinstaBaby 

 6pm - @DJCLUE

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10am - @DJVerbalklint

11am - @YouKnowHD

12pm - @AlleeeCatt

 2pm - @WILDMAN333

 4pm - @DJFinstaBaby 

 6pm - @DJCLUE


10am - @DJVerbalklint

11am - @YouKnowHD

 2pm - @DA1ASTAR

 4pm - @DJFinstaBaby 

 6pm - @DJCLUE


10am - @DJVerbalklint

11am - @YouKnowHD

 2pm- @Wildman333

 4pm- @DJFinstaBaby



10am - @DJVerbalklint

11am - @YouKnowHD

 2pm- @WILDMAN333

 4pm- @DJFinstaBaby

 6pm - @DJCLUE 

10pm @DJCulture 


 1pm - @Djbiggsnyc

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