1Hunnit and Shawt Dawg Present "LOYAL"

Johnathan “JB” Mason,also known as American rapper and entrepreneur,1Hunnit, was born in Birmingham, AL at on June 12, 1984. He is a product of a single-parent home. His mother Patrice raised him and his younger brothers. 1Hunnit's father battled with the street life and secretly 1Hunnit took to the lifestyle to create a stable life for himself and his family. His mother died unexpectedly of Lupus in 2000. Though that was a major loss, 1Hunnit continued his education and graduated from Minor High School in 2002.Soon after,due to legal issues,he moved to Los Angeles to live with his aunt. While in Los Angeles he fathered 3 kids and began his rap career. At one point he became homeless and moved back to Birmingham in 2009. He gained great respect and rank in the streets. He found himself facing 4 attempted murder charges. Through alot of prayer and great legal counsel, 1Hunnit was found not guilty. He uses his music to cope with everyday stress and he is not going to stop till he is a legend in the game.

IG - https://www.instagram.com/__1hunnit_/

Shawt Dawg
Cordarrin Blackman,better known by his stage name, Shawt Dawg, was born on February 10,1991. He is a talented and smart smart individual. Cordarrin was raised in a single-parent home on the west side of Birmingham,Alabama.His mother 'Ms.Evelyn Pickett' raised him well and was always there for him,no matter what. This gave Cordarrin the focus to become the person he is today .He has battled life's ups and downs but has come out of the adversity as a warrior. Cordarrin faced legal adversity at a very early age. He was convicted of felony level crime and ordered to serve time at the of 12. He took this as an opportunity to better himself. He served his time and returned a changed man. He has a beautiful 6 year old daughter and two handsome boys ages 2 and 1. Cordarrin is now fully focused on being a great dad and role model for his kids. He is already making moves in his rap career to ensure his success. Stay Tuned.

IG - https://www.instagram.com/run_up_the_bandz/


IG - https://www.instagram.com/qdotdavispromo/

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