Hello, my name is Kevin Stone born & raised in Long Island Va. Raised in a single parent household, my mom kept the family together tightly knit. Me & my sibling for the most part are extremely close due to the conditions of extreme poverty & our old two story farmhouse had no running water. This was the 80's & my dad pulled a bid for man slaughter when I was around 3 or 4 years old. I spend most all my school years from Yellow Branch Elementary School to Rustburg High School where I made friends for a lifetime & have lost countless friends in my life's journey as I am often reminded as each year goes by. I lost my best friend & big brother at the age of 25 in a home invasion that went terribly wrong. Provoked by greed & envy my brothers life was taken in a failed home invaded robbery attempted in which my younger brother & myself were forever changed after that tragic event. With all of my struggles & just discovering myself, my limits, strengths, weaknesses & love for life itself, I went through a number of humbling events that resulted in a positive change in my personal lifestyle. But not only was my lifestyle changing, but the ways of my minds thinking, concerns & values were changing as well. After losing my freedom & almost everything I felt I earned as a dope boy I approached my new freedom as an individual seeking truth, prosperity & good fortune for my community & my new found spiritually lead & influenced journey ahead of me, which I embraced with confidence & excitement. I had spent most of my years in rebellion acting as a mischievous misfit doing everything to take the short cut or easy route to basic accomplishments that I myself didn't value or always find credible. I stopped smoking cigarettes first & everything else eventually followed. Although I'm still the exact same man, my new world view inspired me to create The Hip-Hop Spot 24/7 LLC. I'm an artist, producer & owner of The Hip-Hop Spot 24/7 LLC here in Va. As hip-hop has always been my support system throughout my constant life struggles. I have been through hell & back & decided to put it out in my musical compositions. My passion, my struggle, my pain & optimism are all found in my music. Although I keep it conscious on a certain level, my music takes on the aspects of positivity & passion the sense of reality that we all can over indulge in materialistic & worldly ways. My music can be found on my website www.hiphopspot247.com where customers are enjoying creating new artist profiles, purchasing merchandise & more. Right now I am working on several projects including my new single "Blow" featuring Roc Nations Alicia Renee off my upcoming album "Art-Official Intelligence". Along with the mixtape collaboration with my partner in rhyme Joe Gotem. The future of The Hip-Hop Spot 24/7 is progressing & is continuing in building from the ground up. My greatest influences in hip-hop are 2pac, Nas, Biggie, Jay-Z, Mos Def, Prodigy, Jadakiss, Black Thought, Andre 3000, Fabolous, Snoop Dogg, T.I., Jezzy, Rick Ross etc. Everything that I do in my life achievements, accomplishments, goals & ambition are inspired by & dedicated to my late great big bro Tony Stone R.I.P. I am my brothers keeper.....BLOW

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