After spiritual awakenings djing at a festival in Spain Vaniran Music is thrilled to announce the release of the latest single from Anakin V - Im Fine ft Adye Ida

After spiritual awakenings djing at a festival in Spain Vaniran Music is thrilled to announce the release of the latest single from Anakin V - Im Fine ft Adye Ida

I’m Fine is a cross over electronic/ altpop collaboration with vocalist Adye Ida from Melbourne, whom Anakin overheard singing in the back of an Uber he was driving. The fuse was lit to collaborate on an instrumental he had waiting, featuring the Saxophone of Melbourne Jazz guru Peter Harper.

The track features bold modern electronic drums and synthesisers, fused with the organic instrumentation of the sax, coupled with crisp sultry vocals. The track explores the themes of hope, emotional upheaval, and overcoming life’s obstacles and adversity.

I’m Fine is the follow up single to Anakin’s debut single ‘Crazy’, which received positive reviews and playback on local radio, as well as healthy streaming data worldwide.

After picking up a clarinet at the age of seven, to Dj’ing to thousands of people in his early twenties, playing in bands in between, to electronic alt/pop song writer (producer and performer). The journey to 'Anakin V' has been monumental to say the least.

Encountering dizzying highs to spell-bounding lows along the way. The Anakin V project is about transcending life's challenges, shining light in the corners of darkness, and coming out the other side to tell his story, and inspire others to do the same...

Where are you from?
Originally from Newcastle, NSW Australia.
Currently live and make music in Melbourne, Australia

Describe your sound:
Blurring the boundaries of electronic/ dance music production, fused with organic instrumentation and alt pop vocals. Creative and meaningful songwriting and melodies, in a modern context.
Some people have described it as: Flume meets Mark Ronson.
Johnny Sierra from 'the Death Set' in new york described my music as the Red Hot Chili Peppers on Acid..

Tell us about your latest track:
The track out this Friday 'I'm fine' I first recorded the sax on about 8 years ago with Melbourne Jazz icon Pete Harper. It was originally a house track with Valerie M (groove Armada on the vox). The song took a massive turn when I met Sarah (Adye Ida) many years later (still unfinished) when I was driving Uber and she jumped in the back and started singing.. the cogs started turning and we flipped it to make it more current and relevant both musically and contextually (lyrically) from the journey I had been on over those years... I'm unsure if I'm ever really happy with my music but couldn't wait another bunch of years to put it out so love to hear if you dig it?

Who/ what inspires you?
Life in general. The ups the downs, the winding roads.. More recently and musically, I love what Flume and the guys on the future classic label are doing. I can draw similarities with what Mark Ronson does - from dj to super rad song writer/ producer, same with Diplo. Genre wise I love most music - especially (older school) hip hop, funk, jazz, disco and house music. Anything that resonates a deeper meaning/ story is especially interesting.

Where do you see your career in 5 years?
I would like to perform again on the bigger stages - whether that is in dj mode or band mode- I'm yet to decide - potentially both

Where can we check out your sounds?
Am on all the digital platforms as Anakin V - Spotify, youtube, insta etc. With a side project on the more club tip coming soon

Tell us something about yourself that the people need to know.
I play a few instruments - starting on clarinet/ trumpet in primary school, then drums in high school. I got into house music in the Uk when on a gap year and things took off for a while after that when I learned to mix records.. Have been bunkered down trying to fuse it all together ever since...

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