Art Institute Marks Huge Turn Around for Brooklynite

We spoke with Brooklynite after the release of his current single "Metaphorical." He's working on his second project and he feels that his connections will work better for him on this project.

With the first album, I didn't have the proper connections to promote the album; therefore, I moved forward to pursue another. The Art Institute was a big turn around for my exposure. I met the next generation who kept me motivated even further and my music became harder then. The studio relocated or renovated not sure what happened but I paid my sessions in full there. I needed all my songs to be return to me by mail. Songs were hotter than what you are hearing ~ Brooklynite

Brooklynite teams up with Ki-Raw on this jam, and he admires her slick delivery.

People should find Ki-Raw at any spoken word event; however, her delivery is more to telling it like it is rather than musical. My goal is to provide the best in music on what people should hear and give my fans something that will benefit them ~ Brooklynite

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