I was born the country- Polk County Haines City Florda...as a kid, my town was very rough and hard...fighting in the hood was second nature without anything constructive to do...then you become the statistic everybody wants to see...I eventually went to prison for four years on charges of aggravated battery and attempt robbery... burglary 2 counts grand theft 2 counts...I got arrested at my high school in front of everybody...it was my 12th grade year and I had a academic scholarship to go to USF...but I didn't graduate due to decisions I made in my life...the three years in prison is the time where my mind got sharper...my lyrics became more concentrated...and my thought process of the world changed...now I'm free with a lot of wisdom as a young man...I'm working towards bettering myself every day so maybe I can better others one day and steer them away from the path I took...my music doesn't promote violence, but it's a reminder for those who think about taking that route... this is what it consists of...I have a lot of deep music about true life that I won't drop until the whole world can hear me...hopefully I can get there sooner than later... My message to the world is...no matter what you are going thru...your mind can overcome...stay focused and have discipline to what you want in life and it will fall in ya lap.....



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