Blacc Widohh intertwines intriguing concept and sound design in ‘Blacc Widohh Presents The Land Lord’

Missouri, United States Aug 26, 2021 (  - Dominating the scene with her compelling musical structures, a nationally recognized DJ, PR person, and C.O.O of O.M.G Entertainment's Weonradio/Weonnation radio, Blacc Widohh has recently announced the release of her debut album titled ‘Blacc Widohh Presents The Land Lord’. Comprising of nineteen diverse soundtracks mainly influenced by hip-hop, trap, and rap, the artist has handpicked some of the nation’s best indie artists to lend their vocals that perfectly complement her exquisite soundscape design. ‘Wakey Wakey’, ‘I Said What I Said’, ‘Welcome To The Dirty’, and ‘Where Was You’ are some of the songs from the album that offers an audio journey worth playing on loop.

The album ‘Blacc Widohh Presents The Land Lord’ is a culmination of diverse alluring melodies that highlight Dj Blacc’s renewed perspective that the music world has never witnessed before. Blacc has unlocked her creativity and has weaved magic on the album with her unique direction of sounds. Her music selections indicate not only the deep passion she holds for the craft but also reflect on her strong artistic perspective. Blacc Widohh aims to reach the highest point of creative standard with the intensity of her ambition and aggressive personality and has already embarked on her journey towards immediate success with the drop of her latest album. Take a listen to it on Spotify and follow her on Instagram for more details.


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