Boss Life Ent. Presents New Single by Too $hort,''Squirt, Squirt'' Featuring Incredibo & 2Shitty

Being born in the EAST and raised on the WEST has allowed Boretta da General to have costal ties to the street. He is a master at empowering other artist to be there own boss. It is a skill and art to empower his fellow hip hop collegues to master the art of the own music. He leads by example.†Bosslife, everybody is there own boss! After attending Long Beach City College, graduating with degree in Music Engineering he decided to pursue the music industry later opening his first studio in Inglewood, California. Teaming up with the beautiful and talented Ms. Asiah releasing the single entitled †Shinnin†which caught the attention of Tray Dee from the group Eastsiders resulting in a subsequent release through BMG with appearances from A-list artist such as Snoop Dogg, Dr, Dre and other West Coast legends such as Outlaws, Kokane and many others. The song was a bit before its time but that was not the end of Boss Life Entertainment, INC. Since nothing can hold a boss down. Later, Bosslife Entertainment jumped into the mixtape rotation and released what was said to be a street banger entitled “ From the Block†with Cali Untouchable DJ Warrior hosting and featured artist such as Atlanta Youngbloods, Eastsiders, Guru from Gangstar, Dialated Peoples, Cypress Hill’s B-Real a star studded line up and plenty other unsigned Los Angles musical masterminds. Boretta also was a featured artist with Daz and Kurupt on a Cali Untouchable mix tape that was hosted by Kam and Ras Kas. He continues to make moves such as the Film and Music Company that opened its doors in exclusive downtown Los Angeles now located on the Hollywood strip. This venue allowed aspiring artist to come in and learn to develop their craft. What can you expect from “ Boretta da General†he most recently he arranged and performed in MEXICO CITY @starred in the romantic comedy†Budspot†which has nationwide distribution through Rampart with fellow MC, Great Kam. Which he also held the role of associate producer on the film and he also graces the sountrack. The soundtack has a line up of well known and talented artist such as Snoop Dogg, Nate Dogg, Slim Thug, Ray J, Eastwood, G-Unit productions, Youngbloods, Envy. He has a DVD hot off the press entitled Making of the Boss where he takes you on a Boss Life Adventure. He has a quote that always rings from his lips, “ Everyday is Christmas!†Recently.

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Check out ''Squirt, Squirt'' by Too Short Featuring Incredibo & 2Shitty:

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