Is this sammich truly worth the hype and was it honestly worth the worldwide recognition? 

G,I mean come on people. I understand that chicken is delicious and all but are we really out here causing a Chicken Sammich (Yes I said sammich) to have a damn shortage? Like, all the Popeye's Chicken Sandwhiches are sold out across America people; according to several sources and even Popeye's Twitter account. That is ridiculous. Also, the fact that the joint created such hysteria about if it's better than a  Chik-Fil-A  Sandwhich or not ,via Twitter, was such an ingenious marketing strategy and a highly effective one at that. I say that because having the ability to create a $70 Million dollar revenue in only a few weeks from slanging chicken is absurd yet brilliant. Even Wendy's tried to jump on the bandwagon but Popeye's quickly shut that down calling the red headed fast food chain "Thirsty". LMAO 

Popeye's vs Wendy's

Being that I personally have never eaten chicken with bread I am probably a little biased but eff that; I'd rather make my own joint at home lol. Even the fact that they are sold out nationwide is a big thing lol. A Twitter user by the name of @Kofie tweeted, " Me putting Popeye's chicken tenders in between two biscuits to fill a void" which depicted a gif of Idris Elba on the spiciest show ever "Hot Ones" where he's clearly choking. Hilarious. 

IDK but I'm glad I won't be trying it. I will say this tho? That Popcorn Shrimp Box from them is delicious lol.

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