Chopping it up with founder and host of OT Radio Show Ollie "OT" Tanismore

The O.T. Radio Network brings listeners the latest in local and national news, including Miss London giving the happenings from the U.K., exclusive interviews and music from established and upcoming artists.  Now in its 4th year, and hosted by Ollie “OT” Tanismore, The OT Radio Station expands its studio and welcomes Vegas' Speak On It With R.W Coolins.
  The O.T.Radio Network began broadcasting from Atlanta, Ga in February 2009 to give a voice to new and established artists, and discuss issues that affect our communities and the world including relationships, health, education, religion and government. Since the official launch listeners in 2700 cities and more than three (3) countries tune in to listen to the popular O.T. Radio Station
1. What inspired you to start your radio show The OT Show?

I wanted to change how the audience listened to radio and to give artist, authors, and anyone who had a message a new platform to showcase their talents to the world.

2. What are some of the biggest obstacles you had to overcome to make your show a success?

My biggest obstacles were hearing people tell me NO and that a radio show wouldn't work. When you hear NO enough you push yourself to keep going until you hear YES. Most people when I mentioned starting a radio show had this mentality that it wouldn't work due to all the other options listeners have. My goal was to find a platform different than the others and to make people think outside the box while listening.

3.  I understand you have interviewed some pretty big names? Can you tell readers about a few?

Yes, I have  conducted over 400 interviews.
My 1st Interview was Aaron McCargo Jr. - Season 4 winner of The Next Food Network Star
Comedian Roy Wood Jr.- known for his prank calls
Mr Willy T Ribbs - the first African -American man to have tested a Formula One Race Car and the First to compete in the Indianapolis 500
Cheryl Pepsi Riley - Singer Actress 
Jordan Thierry - Filmmaker
Dr. Umar Johnson - Black Psychologist and National Certified School Psychologist
Michael Baisden - Author/ Radio Personality 

4.  You are very involved in the community and social issues what are some causes you hold dear to your heart?

I hold the welfare of our young men and woman dear to my heart. My focus is to encourage our youth to strive to be the best they can be no matter the circumstance. Motivating them to be successful at whatever they choose to do in life while giving back to their community not only financial but in service.

5. Do you have any advice for someone who wants to get into the field of broadcasting?

Be original and stay true to yourself. 

6. Do you have a favorite interview of all time?

My favorite interview was Michael Basiden. He is one of my favorite authors and Radio Personalities. I have always admired his grind and his persistence in the radio industry. The opportunity to interview him about his book "Raise Your Hand If You Have Issues' was a dream come true.  He also spent some time chopping it up with me off air and gave me some solid advice about staying relevant in the broadcasting industry.

7.  Lastly please tell readers where they can tune in to your show?

They can check listen to the show through my website They can also follow me on the social media platforms: and Instagram @otradionetwork

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