"Dance Love is designed to bring bodies straight to the dancefloor" Music Money meets Therése Neaimé

Where are you from?

I´m born in Sweden but with heritage from a Lebanese father and a Swedish mother.

Describe your sound:

A sound that combines my Swedish and Lebanese heritage into a Scandipop hybrid.

An international latin / pop edm with, at times, also an Arabic flavor.

Tell us about your latest track: 

“Dance Love is designed to bring bodies straight to the dancefloor through a wildly colorful catchy infusion of radiant sound.”

With a lifetime spent immersed in entertainment which covers opening for Simply Red,

touring in the middle east and headlining the South Africa and Copenhagen pride to mention a few milestones . I think I learned a bit more about what listeners want to hear. I believe our latest track has a vibrant spark inspired sound. Dance Love is a bold reflection of genuine love of the craft, the vocals being the X-factor. I feel honored and happy that the original track of this song has already topped spots of charts; playlists worldwide.- Isn´t it so that we always fall in love with the latest one we just released? :) For me at least that's very often the case. I truly believe Dance Love is that perfect mix between a genuine love of the craft, an interesting combination of that Latin/Pop/Soul sound, designed to bring bodies straight to the dancefloor. Listening to this song makes me happy. Isn't that what music is about? To create a certain emotion. Hopefully with this unique remix of the very same song we have succeeded too.

Who inspires you?

Anyone who believes in themselves enough to go for their dreams. I believe life is about becoming the best version of ourselves. Following a path of excellence can be difficult, but not doing so should scare us even more. ”Ask and you might receive! Dare and you will gain!”

Where do you see your career in 5 years?

My wish is to keep making a living doing what I love the most, which is music. I´ve been lucky to be in the music business for the last 20 years which is a goal by itself. Hopefully in 5 years my songs have spread even further globally, and another world tour will have seen its day light. The goal is also to keep on inspiring people, be it through my music but also through my motivational speaking.





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