Desert Storm Radio Artist Spotlight: Upcoming Producer Twiss Smith

Christopher “Twiss” Smith was born in Centerville, Illinois. His family moved to Minnesota in 1985 in search of better opportunities. Twiss has always had a love for music. He started off playing the piano and organ at church, but came to realize live performance wasn’t his passion. Twiss didn’t receive much support from his family to do music outside of church, but he didn’t let that stop him. At the age of 14 music became more of an emotional outlet for Twiss. The more he listened to music the more he started to think of ways he could manipulate different sounds and instruments to express his own emotions or relate to others through music. 

His passion continued to grow and he realized music production and writing is what he was born to do. He fell in love with hip hop and the way you could use it to express yourself, but at the same time he loved the smooth transitions and flow of R&B. Twiss is known for his unique sounds, amazing ear, and versatility when it comes to producing a track. In 2016 he teamed up with a veteran producer in Minnesota by the name of Evamo and together they form a production team, Lyrics and Chordz. Twiss has worked with several artists from the Minnesota music scene as well as Texas, the U.K, and Canada. He is working hard to make sure one day the whole world will hear his music. This is only the beginning.


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