Desert Storm Radio Exclusive : 2 - TONE "Stripper"

Desert Storm Radio Exclusive

2 TONE " Stripper"


2 TONE - Stripper Pole

“Pouring my spirit in these lyrics 'till there's nothing left
The worst death is a dream that never took a breath" — 2-TONE


Living in a time in which “rappers” are as common and repetitive as fast food restaurants on every corner, 2-TONE brings a delectable blend of palate pleasing flows and mentally stimulating rhymes.


His music reverberates with both passion and pain, incorporating a versatility that reflects 2-TONE’s unique life story. Born Thomas D. Pecora, the eldest son to a blue-collar, Italian immigrant in the North Marketview Heights section of Rochester, NY, 2-TONE’s journey started on a rocky foundation. Compounded by his mother’s drug and alcohol addictions, neighborhood racial tensions and frequent brushes with the law, 2-TONE’s early life was filled with rage, resentment and shame.


In order to escape his reality, 2-TONE found solace in the lyrics of Hip-Hop artists like Rakim, Nas and Tupac Shakur. Gaining a reputation in the neighborhood as “the kid who knows ALL the rap songs,” 2-TONE would memorize his favorite lyrics, from his favorite rappers, and perform for friends and family. Eventually, 2-TONE started to capture his own unique experiences; designing original lyrics that led to his true calling as a Hip-Hop artist. As a direct result, 2-TONE was becoming known for his raw delivery and genuine content in street cyphers, winning numerous freestyle battles in Upstate NY, and performing in various underground venues across New York City.


Unfortunately, the streets caught up with 2-TONE. After dropping out of high school in the 9th grade to live a “hard knock life” and surviving a near death experience, 2-TONE realized that a life change was in order. Next, he embarked on a new journey that led to a fresh perspective on life, in spite of past sorrows and current troubles.


Triumphantly, 2-TONE pursued his GED, along with both a Bachelor and Master degree. This move took 2-TONE’s lyrical vernacular and consciousness to an even greater level. It also helped him reconnect with his musical Hip-Hop roots and brought an entirely new and broader audience of listeners to his door. As a writer, 2-TONE has over 100 songs to his credit. Additionally, he has been featured on multiple radio stations and has performed live shows across the U.S.


In late 2013, shortly after relocating to Atlanta and launching 2nd Life Entertainment, LLC—his independent record label, 2-TONE hit the studio and recorded over a dozen songs, which were originally intended to compile his former debut album entitled, "2 Sides To Everything." However, aside from Organic Flow (single), those songs were not officially released due to an improved focus on his writing and creativity, after enduring through more personal hardships including his divorce in mid-2016.

2-TONE is actively networking and connecting with producers, promoters and media specialists in efforts to build a respected and original brand. He is also in the process of writing and recording several songs that will eventually be featured on a very powerful debut album entitled, "A Dollar & A Dream!" Currently, 2-TONE is working on the marketing & promotional campaign for his 1st single, "Stripper Pole," which will be released an all major digital music platforms in late November of 2017. In due time, 2-TONE hopes to share his personal story and bless the mic at a local venue near you!

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