Desert Storm Radio Exclusive : K - Mitch

Desert Storm Radio Exclusive 

There's KIARA MITCH , who by day, was an academic standout and basketball/track phenom, and there's K.Mitch, the street-savage rapper who came out networking at night and found herself in and out of celebrities setting on the daily. 
Born in Atl , GA Kiara's parents both also found trouble easily, and she was raised by her grandmother in Lithonia with no access to the outside world. Her grandmother instilled a strong sense of creativity in Kiara, and as she recounts she learned "not to use negative circumstances to excuse negative behavior." Kiara excelled in school, "which was always an upside," and sports. Creatively, she played snare in the 8th grade and became a rapper in her diary. She consumed music from EDM to rap, and would freestyle at parties/ basketball games. But all the while, she was surrounded by the crime and social challenges in the community. 
In High school, Kiara wasn't an honor student, basketball member or snare drum player. In fact , Kiara began to take dancing serious and use basketball as a reason to attend school. Her double life was excessive. She one day attended the track field randomly and discovered that she could hit the school record effortlessly doing high jump. She used the opportunity to make things better and possibly attend college on scholarship. 
In 2012, Kiara entered Parkview High school . A highschool student, but at night she was either tearing up the studio with bestfriend Raymoon or a club. Unable to maintain her lifestyle as Kiara , K.Mitch was transferred to Berkmar High for school in 2013. While school and basketball were alright, she gave up on track and the music was going well with the support of A$AP MOBB. K.Mitch and bestfriend Raymoon later graduated and performed OTMF " only talented muhfuckas" had shows with Young Thug, Skooly, etc ; Then again, the underground rapper group fell out. A paperwork drug charge from 11th grade prevented Kiara from enrolling in classes, so she pursued her rap career solo . Her grandmother wouldn't have her back, mom didn't have her back, but she turned around and wrote a hit. "Music was all that was left," says K.Mitch. Debut single Trust ( I Don't ) dropped in 2014 
On Hoodrich Pablo's recommendation, K.Mitch moved back to eastside of Atlanta. There she's been able to stretch as an artist, meet and be challenged by the scene, and find a way to blend her discipline and dedication with her party vibe. In 2015, she did an extensive artist awareness concert and debuted at Migos concert featuring dope artist like Rae Sremmurd , bobby shmurda and Young Dolph. Shes completed a full-length release for early 2017 (with Nightmare b4 Christmas ) hosted by Dj Shon. While her project NAWFSIDE the movie and 11 the EP still mark her as next up out of the southern area. Watch out for KMITCH ! She has plenty in store and will soon become the legend she was born to be. 

KMITCH isn't just an ordinary indie artist. She moves as if she signed To a label only to find out she's self managed and created her own domain website selling merchandise and connecting with fans with her "become an 11" page feature .  This already makes the young artist a marketing genius !

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