Desert Storm Radio Exclusive : Prop - Real Talk (New Single)

Desertstrom Radio Exclusive :Prop- Real Talk 

Born and raised in Richmond VA, Prop grew up listening to Pac, Eminem, Ja Rule and T.I. With the influence of his older brother, Prop started experimenting with his ability to rap at the early age of 8. Prop didn't start to take rap serious until 13 years later. Still in his early youth, he started rapping with a team of guys he grew up with in the  streets of Richmond (RVA). The group launched under the name "All About A Profit" (AAAP) where Prop obtained his rap name.


Formally known as

Young Prop due to his street
savvy about money and a keen
sense of wisdom at an early
age. Prop started to create a
buzz putting out independent
songs, collaborating with
other local artists and doing
shows that generated a strong
fan base. But it soon came to a
halt when he fell to


Prop was
incarcerated for 29 hard
months. This is where his
career as an artist took a stand
still. When released from
incarceration, Prop jumped
right back into the music lane.
This time with a more
developed rap style and a 
vision of what direction he wants his music career to go. Now re- introducing himself to the world, Prop has created a untapped yet original style to deliver his deep lyrics about his struggle and journeys in life. Prop then started a new record label called EVERYTHING COUNT RECORDS. ECR is currently being developed and ran by Prop and a few trusted sources to leave a strong mark on the Rap game and Hip-Hop Culture. 

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