An ideal pair of sneakers can transform a look and even a complete outfit. Ladies are known to generally have a huge obsession and liking for shoes but the truth is, that there is an extremely large number of men who are very passionate and obsessive about their footwear. They will go to some great extents to find the ideal pair. Sneakers are known to be the most popular shoes for men since they are functional and fashionable. A man who pays serious attention about how he looks will most definitely have a lot of sneakers in his wardrobe. Just like your clothes, shoes give you a window to your lifestyle and personality.  Having your sneakers customized speaks out even more volume about who you are. Customization are great means of expressing yourself. Just like the arts you can either get the assistance of several individuals that provide the customization art on the sneakers like Mache Customs who is one of the best sort after ones or carry out the customization process yourself. You can choose to customize the sneakers ranging from selecting fabrics and custom colors to having the work of art painted on your pair of sneakers. The process of sneaker customization is here to stay for those who have the craze for shoes and those who love designing.

There are so many celebrities, when it comes to fashion, sports, music and much more but a true celebrity is one that takes to heart customization regarding his or her footwear collection. Every celebrity loves to look his best and the only way to come out on top is move with the trends. There are celebrities who love kicking it in a mind-blowing manner which bring this blog to one celebrity who takes great pride in what’s on his feet:  DJ Clue whose name has been in the lips and hearts of many. DJ Clue is a VJ, Rapper, Radio personality and Producer and is one individual who doesn’t joke around when it comes to sneakers. Clue first blew onto the scene with his very well know street mix tapes now has his own sneaker collection. Each time he has been spotted there is always a brand-new set of mind-blowing trending kicks he wears to complement his look. DJ Clue keeps storing his wardrobe with nothing but the very best kicks cool cash can buy. Are you a sneaker lover?  If yes, then you don’t have to search hard how to get the best. All you need to do is follow this trending celeb who wears the best kicks ever.

One thing is to get the best kicks and the other is to maintain these kicks. You must properly maintain your sneakers to avoid spending unnecessary cash to purchase new ones. Dirty shoes aint a good look. Washing machines equal danger for your sneakers! Stay away from washing machines!!  Your sneakers are certainly going to get dirty. However, it's relatively easy to keep them looking as good as new. The key is cleaning your sneakers as soon as the dirt hits!  When dirt hits I highly recommend the use of a specially designed sneaker wipe called Tight Wipes. Check out or they can be purchased on It makes the cleaning process faster. It is meant to remove dirt, scuffs, oil, grease and leave your kicks as good as new.

With almost an uncountable number of kicks in his wardrobe and counting, many doubt DJ Clue will ever run out or ever stop!

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