Drewzii got his name because it was given to him. He had dreads and he was influenced by Lil Wayne, so instead of Weezy , his own people call him Drewzii. 

He has been rapping for about 9-10 years already. He has been rapping since he was a freshmen in high school. He was 13-14 years of age when it came about. He fell in love with music ever since he did his first freestyle. It has definitely been a journey to how far he has come.  Some of his biggest influences he can say have been Lil Wayne, Outkast, Nas, Bone Thugs & Harmony, Wiz Khalifa, Michael Jackson, Immortal Technique, Notorious BIG, Eminem, Jay- Z, Tony Bennett, and add some classical as well and some of the new school like Young Thug and Migos.

Drewzii has plenty of influences it doesn't stop. All these artists influenced him even in the smallest ways but different ways. His first mixtape out, which he thanks my label for is anticipating 4 us! Not only his friend, but his brother, his day one, who goes by kilo MOE helped him with his first mixtape. The release the sales and the show they did for the mixtape. It was his first mixtape ever and it really determined his path in music and what he wanted for his art.

Drewzii has about 5 mixtape out since he started rapping.

•Ancticipating 4 Us


•Kick Back

•For the Best of Me

•Now or Never 

He is https://tidal.com/album/75411823

ARTIST: Drewzii

Twitter: @drewziiDRM
Soundcloud: @DrewziiDrew
Spotify: @Drewzii Drm 

My motivation is my son my wife my family. Family motivates me to the max. I want to show people that dreams DO COME TRUE. I've been thru worst and I'm sure we all have been to. But I can say this is finally paying off the long restless nights it's gets hectic. Like I said they motivate me to the point you wouldn't imagine. The lord is motivation waking up another day is motivation all those things motivate me. Especially when we got the money to pay the bills haha but yes those are my motivations and just got to say one thing. Listen to my music you will understand my story. 

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