FarrockMillz - "Billion Dollar Pieces"

The borough of Queens, New York seems to have a monopoly when it comes to birthing dope, hip-hop MC’s! Next up to take the crown, in a class all by himself, is Farrock!

Experience sets this future rap icon far apart from his competitors. Farrock is not just a rapper, he is a bonafide lyricist! Every time he picks up the mic or gets in the booth he reminds his listeners of this fact. Influenced by sounds like DMX, Nas and Canibus, Farrock is determined to bring hip-hop music back to its origins.

Farrock is the epidemy of a survivor. Not only did he overcome poverty in the inner streets of New York City, he has also proven to have made a lasting presence in hip-hop. Leaving street life behind, he dived full force into music, and has become a successful recording artist. Captivating his audience has been his primary goal. Instead of just distributing his musical works, Farrock has also focused on performing. “Stage presence is equally as important as the lyrics I rap. That’s why every time I go on stage and grab the mic I make it my business to body my performance. When the people leave the building, trust me, they will remember who I am. I live for that!” says Farrock.

Finding creative ways to fuse the old New York style of rap with new age trap ballads, he is now claiming his spot amongst the great. Using sharp, witty flows and cadences in his bars, his potent verses jump out and fiercely grab you. With the boldness of his wordplay, undoubtedly Farrock demands any listeners attention. He goes hard, making music that is catchy and easy to remember. No wonder you can easily spot his audience engaged and reciting his impactful lyrics word-for-word!

Building a huge fanbase, while simultaneously co-founding Rockaway Riot Squad, is a testament of Farrock’s success. His name has quickly spread throughout the hip-hop world like a wild fire! So much so that MBK (My Brother’s Keeper), a firm that managed Lyfe Jennings and Alicia Keys, offered him a lucrative management deal that afforded him the opportunity to perform across the world.

Comparable to none, Farrock calls his unique sound Martian music, because it sounds like something out of this world! Like the space music he makes, his career is skyrocketing to the top! Hip-hop fans have something profoundly great, yet refreshing to look forward to. Destiny says, Farrock is here to stay and claim his crown in hip-hop!


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