East Coast Artist, Chill Nye releases His New Album Broke N' Sad


East Coast native, Chill Nye shows diversity in his music by introducing different styles like Lo-Fi, Emo, Alternative Hip-Hop, and Rap. He has been playing guitar since high school- both electric and acoustic. Chill Nye took interest in producing at the age of 20. Generally, Chill buys his beats then works with producers who can cater to his sound. 


Chill Nye plans on expanding on his next album will be less Emo and have more of a Pop-Punk type vibe. [*Spoiler*] The album may include a couple of acoustic songs-as well as- Hip-Hop and Rap. Chill Nye would like to incorporate as much of his musical talent into it. Additionally, he plans to work on some upbeat and melodic songs for the EP-to reflect the different styles-that helped and inspired me. In 2020, Chill releases three singles titled "Toyko, Spring Showers and I</3 Supreme[4,806 Spotify]." The four-track album "Broke n Sad" makes its debut on Soundcloud. Be sure to connect with Chill Nye on social media and digital music platforms.




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