Born Oc.28th, 1978, at Kings County Hospital, in Brooklyn N.Y, Jamel Shua Peguese was born.  This man otherwise known as Foreva Young J.P, Born East, Raised West, as a Northern California Kid. Jamel left his home town as a young child at the age of 8 along with his mother, father, and four younger siblings, two brothers two sisters. First stop was Hunters Point Double Rock, San Francisco 1986, then settling in Sacramento, CA, 1991. J.P has lived in several other states as an adult for months, sometimes years, in some cases.  His father played the guitar well, but was part of no band of any type. Jamel has always had a special place for music. Jamel did not have a walk-man music player but wanted to keep his mind busy. At 10 years old, he used his home tape player and wrote down all the words to the Too Short "Life is Too Short" song, Slick Rick and many others followed. He did not know that he would later become a musician, but that probably was a sign. At age 11-12 lunchtime in public school he grouped with friends as they had drum pattern beat making competitions beating on the lunch tables, pencils for hi hats and their mouths for percussion. Focused on a solo career , has worked with a few local artists, and several others along the way of persuing a music career. Jamel has worked numerous 9 to 5 jobs over the years and paid a small debt to society, all while maintaining a strong passion for making music. Jamel's music influences would be of peers such as Jay Z, Tupac , Biggie Smalls, Scarface, definitely Snoop Dogg, and Dr Dre. All of Bay Area's artists, from Coog Nut and Dre Dogg to Mac Mall and Yukmouth were influences as well. Sacramento artists C-Bo, Brotha Lynch Hung, Hollowtip and many more are influences as well. After paying out a lot of studio time, and having a bunch of work unheard, and no further knowledge of what to make with a bunch of music. Jamel got into the books, and started his own record label giving himself  publishing deals.  He also started manufacturing all his own clothing brands. Foreva Young Ent is for enterprise, and not entertainment. 1997 he was J.P, 1999 he was Young J.P, 2006 he became Foreva Young J.P , realizing he was already a decade into writing and recording music. Since he has released several singles, and several vol. series cds of music dating back to 1997. One album which currently spins on Pandora along with a single or two. All Foreva Young J.P 's Music is available on all media streaming and buying sites, including most other countries too. Hard copies can be purchased via Amazon where they are print to order, on demand. Foreva Young Ent. has a couple of its own artist also on the rise. Foreva Young J.P is currently performing live in his northern California homeland with several headliner features such as Mac Mall, Dubb C, and MC Eight, Yukmouth, Ap9 and is looking explore many other places with some of his music. Foreva Young J.P has done Radio interveiws with the number one northern California internet radio. He donates a nice portion of earnings via tickets , shirts, and sales to radio for people to be able to make event who may not otherwise be able to. Jamel's mood is always music and that’s a feeling . His favorite quote "People will either inspire you or drain you, choose wisely who you surround yourself with."



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