Lil Nick, aka “Young Gasz” was raised in Oakland, CA. He was influenced by the young rappers he saw on tv at a very young age. Gasz was raised by his mother and grandmother, as well as his granddad, who was terminally ill and had special needs. His role models and father figure were in the streets and on tv. His Dad was never there, but BET and MTV was, and looking up to artist such as ABC, Kris Cross, Mc Hammer, New Edition became a part of his life. Lil Nick started writing raps at the young age of 8 years old, and by the time he was 10, he learned how to record on tapes. After that he was sneaking off to listening to gangsta rap his mother didn’t approve of. After his granddad passed at 14 to cancer, and then a year later watching his auntie die in front of his face, he felt it was time to stop trying be a rapper and do what the gangsta rappers talked about. His favorite rappers then and to this day are Snoop, Kurupt, Yukmouth, Keak Da Sneak, Da Brat, Jay Z, Nas, Talib Kweli, E40, and 2Pac. The most influencial was none other than the Crenshaw native, Nipsey Hussle. Nick started committing armed robberies, smoking weed, and focused on getting money and being fly. After being expelled from school, his mother moved him to Sacramento at the age of 17. This was when he went to continuation school, where most the kids rapped at lunch and after school. This was when he got the name “Lil Gas” because when he freestyled, he would shut down the cypher and rap for 15 to 20 minutes straight in front of large crowds like it was nothing. An Og would always say "Aye dats dat lil oakland n**** dat be gassin I always forget his name Ima jus call him Gas cuz dats what he do", and that’s where the name Lil Gas came from.

Being the hottest rapper in the Arden area of Sacramento, he was recruited to join a new label called Cheezee Records. It was built in the same studio the legend Mac Dre used to own an still used to record frequently. Being in the studio around Bay Area Legends an Sac legends at such a young age, at an early stage in his career, it molded him to be the super talented artist he has become today. Being around Mac Dre, Keak Da Sneak, Yukmouth, The Mobfigaz, Hollowtip, an every other Northern California star, it opened doors for him. The label he was on shut down after Mac Dre passed, and his album never came out. He didn’t stop there, he was picked up by AP.9 from the Mobfigaz and moved to Las Vegas where he recorded his first worldwide released album titled "Hype Muzik", which came out on his birthday as a gift. The album sold 3,000 units week one- with no press release, radio single, p********* or any type of video promo.

Fast forward to today- he now has his own label with 2 albums, 1 compilation, and 2 mixtapes. Gasz has also created a podcast show in 2017 that promotes all independent businesses, music artists, and keeps the world updated on what’s poppin in the streets. Formally known as Young Gasz, now the CEO/Business owner/Father of 5, Gasz Monroe is still on the rise and seems like his career is just getting started. He now lives in Atlanta where he is chasing his childhood dream that is finally coming to life right before his eyes.


Make sure you check out Aries State of Mind, on all major platforms today! His next project will be dropping later on this summer. Until then, stay tuned with him on FB as Gasz Monroe, IG as gaszmonroe as well as his podcast IG the gaszstationpodcast To book Gasz feel free to hit up

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