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If you’re looking for homegrown sound and a fresh new flavor, look no further than independent record label Moneybaby. The label, founded by mastermind Benzo Johnson, and co-founded by entrepreneurial young bosses Tiddibukk, VA Trick, and Gee, this mega label pops off the hits and pulls no punches. Gee sees this project as the wave of the future: a diverse collective of sounds and styles coming together to create and collaborate. As such, he makes sure the crew stays on their grind. Their work has garnered attention from rappers like Ralo, Cap1, Trouble, and Peeweethelongway, Moneybaby is like an earthquake, shaking up the status quo of indie music.

Inspired by Koury Calvin, the label transcends expectations. Home to a handful of performers from all genres, Moneybaby is set to catapult the underground masters of each melodic style to unprecedented heights. The label prides itself on versatility, empowering each artist to unleash their own powerhouse sound. Though their homebase is in Hopewell, Virginia, the label knows no boundaries. Their key players opened for heavy-hitters like Jim Jones, The Rich Kids, Pastor Troy, Foxx, and Lil Scrappy, and conquered.


IG: moneybabyjr3rd

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