Georgia Recording Artist, Watt Presents Brand New Album,''Infinity On High''

Being a southern mc comes with a lot of pressure. In a world filled with the glorification of the street life, few decide to take on a different path. Watt walks this road that he navigates with clever abstract lyricism like Andre 3000 and production that resembles icons like Kanye West and Dr.Dre. But like his contemporaries Watt also connects with the culture, by using his music to paint realistic views of himself as well as the people he represents.

Hailing from Albany Georgia ,a small city about 175 miles south of Atlanta. Watt always looked up to a lot of the southern royalty that was produced in the city. Most notably Outkast, you can hear the nostalgia as well as the social commentary, when you listen to his music. While Watt makes lyrics and content a focal point he also manages to weave those elements over lush samples that incorporates hard hitting trap drums. Such a unique pairing has taken a time to mesh, but as a determined and willing student of producing for over 16 years Watt has crafted something truly special.

After the successful release of his current project Infinity On High, Watt has set out on his journey. One that includes a tour scheduled for later this year, as well as the official follow up album to his current project. Watt is also working with eager young producers as well as artist to help push the culture forward.

Check out ''Infinity On High'' by Watt:

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