Get the lowdown on Arizona singer songwriting talent @SUMMYsideup

SUMMY (Summer Ferguson) is an American pop artist, born 22nd october 1999 in Mesa, AZ. At 15 years old she moved to LA to pursue her singing career. After completing high school at 16, she turned her focus to social media to help promote her covers of notable artists like Adele, Lady Gaga, Julia Michaels, Selena Gomez and others, generating enough income to sustain herself (don’t forget the support from her dad). Her rendition of Adele’s “When we were young” generated SUMMY over 2.3 million streams from Soundcloud alone.

In spring of 2018 SUMMY released her first original single “SUS”, a song about jealousy, mistrust and control issues that sometimes occur in relationships we find ourselves in. “SUS” enjoyed collectively over 4,000,000 views streams and/or downloads across all social media platforms, gathering SUMMY a respectable fanbase worldwide.

“Modern Art”, a song about dysfunctional relationships, was just released in February 2019 and is already being well received by her fans, both old and new. With over half a million views, streams and/or downloads worldwide so far, “Modern Art” shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. SUMMY is presently working on her next single which should be released sometime before the end of the year.

A single about dysfunctional relationships, featuring beautiful vocals by @SUMMYsideup amid a backdrop of hypnotic musical composition #musicmoney meets the alt pop star

Where are you from?

Originally from Mesa, AZ, moved to L.A. at 15 to pursue my music career.

Describe your sound:

Alternative Pop

Tell us about your latest track:

"Modern Art" the way we fall apart, is a single about dysfunctional relationships, featuring beautiful vocals by SUMMY amid a backdrop of hypnotic musical composition.

Who inspires you?

I am inspired by Frank Ocean, Lana Del Rey, Celine Dion, and others.

Where do you see your career in 5 years?

I would like to see myself within the next 5 years as an accomplished Pop Artist, with most of my career goals completed, and happier.

Where can we check out your sounds?

You can check out my songs across the Universe but start with Spotify, Soundcloud, Youtube, Apple music, etc.

Tell us something about yourself that people need to know.

I am overwhelmingly grateful for my fans and the love they have shown me!

SUMMY’s fans can view more information, including photos, videos, VLOGS, episodes of SUMMY&KLOEY and more at

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