Rizzaw The Nomad King is a Scandinavian dancehall/Urban music artist that has been on the scene in and outside of europe since early 2017. his music has been described as: "powerfull,sensual, rythmic and spiritual" and on his coming debu ep he is reaching before unseen hights using his voice as a powerfull instrument to draw the listener into his nomadic universe. with features from artists like:kijhano etc and beats from: Cortesonthebeat,E.S and Sly&Robbie The musical quality is guaranteed.

With his perfect blend of dancehall/afro/kizumba and trap he is taking you on a musical journey through the scandinavian urban music culture.

His vocal is a perfect blend of al of the generas above and Will take you into the life of a scandinavian Nomad.

His Debut ep has also been anticipated on jamaica and the artist has been aproached by several radio stations and promoters that wants to collaborate. 

words from others:

"This mythological creature originated from an unknown place to bring you tonal and rhythmic life energy. "The skullface" does something almost ritual with the energy, which becomes ceremonial, and takes you to a Caribbean street party no matter where you are in the world." Kijhano"

This year in the summer of 2021 his music is to be reveald to the world!

Joining forces with Nea entertainment, (Denmarks newest but fastest growning independant record label. his music is sure to have a bright future.

His Live show has been described as "energetic, dangerous and completely wild"!

Some would argue that there is a striking resemblance between Rizzaw The Nomad King and rap veteran

Mike Rizzaw aka Rizzaw, aka Mike Raw, but no evidence has yet emerged.

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