The First Mindset is that of discipline. It does not matter what kind of day you have at work or the mood you wake up with; you must always be self-aware enough to know that speaking to your partner harshly or rudely about anything is unacceptable! The Devotion System Your anger about something else should not be an excuse for you to chop off your partner's head. If you SAY that you love each other then act the part in all circumstances of life!

The Second Mindset is that of ego-dumping. Successful couples have learned to flush their prideful egos down the toilet. These days many people want to make the claim that they are strong-willed. Well that is nothing more than a built excuse for being obstinate, pig-headed, inflexible or one who states its my way or the highway... See where I am going? This kind of mentality your partner does not find fun at all! If both of you are like that you are strongly encourage to rapidly dump it!

The Third Mindset is that of personal growth. You would do well to make up your mind to become a student of perpetual learning in the areas of relationships, communication, commitment, devotion and love. Make it your mission to each become people of seeking self improvement and personal growth. Work at being able to truly feel your partner's emotions, thoughts, ideas, opinions and fully respecting their vantage point. 

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