I am more than just your average rapper #musicmoney meets Memphis artist @excalibag to discuss his fire new album Da Gift

Where are you from?

Memphis, Tn


Describe your sound:

Genuine, authentic, dynamic, inspirational, very distinctive music


Tell us about your latest track:

My last track is “Where You At” from my album “Da Gift”. It illustrates the personality of Excaliba in the search of this passion that he keeps seeing the vision and it mesmerizes him and lures him on an adventure. He can see it, but he wants to experiment with it and the female represents that passion that he is looking for. The whole time he is enjoying the adventure.


Who inspires you?

God first of all, he helps me to be able to remain strengthening in this world and to know that I was made with a great purpose. My kids give me something to live for every day.


Where do you see your career in 5 years?

I see me on a trend of becoming a new age Russell Simmons or something similar. Absolute accomplishment of being a great artist and businessman.


Where can we check out your sounds?

You can check out my music on my official website excaliba.net, on all streaming platforms, on all music store platforms, and on radio stations.


Tell us something about yourself that the people need to know.

I am more than just your average rapper. Also, I have the new album entitled “It’s Time” dropping in July and the new single “What I Do” dropping June 5, 2020. Let’s do it!













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