I'm In These Innanet Streets : Don't Let The Video Title Fool You Edition

Video Title Reads : "She A Wild One: Girl Breaks Into Her Ex-Boyfriend's House After He Broke Up With Her!"

** So anyone who KNOWS me knows that I am an avid WorldstarHipHop.com commenter and I find it very refreshing to read comments that aren't filled with racism and trolls. So I am that...the actual being that converses with the people out here in these innate streets. Some think it's weird and some think its dope...all that matters to me is that the people get this love and the facts G lol. 

So Boom!!!

The video title above is the reason I am here today writing this greatness lol. According to the title one would think that a guy's ex girlfriend has just broken into his apartment, caused total mayhem, and is being forcefully put out. But according to the lady in the video that is THEIR apartment and he is doing it for the gram.

Peep the video link below for the vid:


After watching the video I too myself never even considered the fact that maybe she too stayed there and that had me questioning my s*** lol. Like damn just because the title read SHE broke in myself and others were going to assume just that. THAT SIS BROKE IN HIS SPOT GOING HAM. But we all know what they say happens when people make assumptions. Oh, you don't know? ...Samuel L Jackson said, "Everybody knows, when you make an assumption, you make an ass out of you and umption" {The Long Kiss Goodnight, 1996} 

That is exactly what happened because sis had ALL thee time that day and was definitely going to let me know the facts since my ass was making umptions LMAO. I responded to the video with the comment, "Let it go sis, literally"; both in reference to her hanging from the door hinge and to this clearly toxic relationship that his friends are recording at their leisure. When I tell you sis had TIME..She had TIME TIME lol. Peep her response below: 

I responded after with my IG as I tried to find her's but I was unable to locate such. Hey, this could be her or it could not but if so...sis LET IT GO, LITERALLY. It is not healthy and you deserve better love. Stay positive and boss up. 

Moral: As my mother would say, "Never play house".

My version: "Never play house unless your name is on that lease, mortgage, deed, etc."

Stay blessed my G's... Until next trip!

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