In the modern NFL Joey Bosa Jersey

Their versatility as athletes coupled with the increasingly protective rules offensive players enjoy have opened the floodgates for receivers to take over a dominant role in the game. It seems like there’s no better time to be receiver in NFL.Though as we all know, with every good comes bad. Receivers may post great statistics and wow fans with splash plays, but who’s really making their presence felt during crunch time? That’s a tricky thing to determine, however, it’s vital knowledge for every owner, general manager Tony Pollard Jersey , coach and quarterback alike.So, in an effort to weed out the pretenders from the contenders, we’re diving into every NFL roster to assess each receiving corps the same way a league insider would. Without further ado, let’s get started. The NFL is the league that every aspiring football player wants to play in, but there comes a certain point where that dream just isn't a possibility anymore. We've seen players have their stints in the NFL, but just can't seem to find a stable home there. For players who still feel they have some years left in the tank, and want to keep playing football in some capacity Noah Fant Jersey , the CFL has always been there. It's a tough adjustment for players, as there's a whole new set of rules to learn, and the CFL's style is vastly different from its U.S. counterpart, but some players actually prove to be a better fit for the league up north.It's good for a football player to have options if opportunities run dry in the NFL, and the return of the XFL next year will only provide more chances for struggling players to salvage their livelihoods.Sure, the CFL loses more players to the NFL, but there are still former NFL stars—most of which were first-round picks—who seem to be doing better on the CFL's 110-yard field as opposed to an NFL field. The CFL brands itself as a rather progressive league of opportunity for struggling players who want to hone their existing talent and/or need a new home for the time being.We'll take a look at familiar faces that any NFL fan will recognize Dalton Risner Jersey , but we'll also check out interesting, lesser known guys. With all that said, let's gravitate towards to the list's topic—former 20 NFL castoffs that recently got contracts in the CFL.

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