Kicking in doors, with a fresh pair of Timberlands and a sparkling AP on, the hip-hop artist International is definitely letting people know he is in the building! Unlike anything you’ve ever seen before, International’s physical appearance is just as grand as his aura. He is taking the wild journey he calls his life, and passionately pouring it into his music.

Born in the Bronx at the heart of the crack era, it would seem as though International’s future was already written. Instilling the beauty of music into him as a child, International was gifted all the things necessary to make him a successful rap star. His mothers’s rap group, Three Queens, exposed him to the power of music in many different aspects. Learning everything from counting to reading while using rhythmic based techniques, he advanced so much, that he skipped the 5th grade! Unfortunately, International ‘s bright future was always in competition with his surroundings.
Most boys are out playing with their friends or in front of a video game at age 13, but not International, instead he was sitting in jail! That pattern followed him throughout most of his life. Then in 2008, things took a turn for the worst. He was sent to prison for murder. Fortunately, it was self-defense, so after 4 long years he was released. “Now is my time. I’ve been in the streets and everything bad has already happened to me. Now I’m ready to be the king I was meant to be!” says International

Now free from bondage, International has done over 262 shows and has been dropping mixtapes. With his parole ending this past January, he is now free to climb to that iconic throne where the King of Hip Hop dwells. Since the onset of hip-hop, each generation has produced it’s own rendition of great lyricists. This go-round, it’s International who is making a name for himself.

IG: @therealinternational
Twitter: @musicfeian
Facebook: Anthony Dominguez

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