Bruce Simon, stage name JES-B was born Nov 5, 1984, in a small town called Dade City, Florida. He is the youngest of 5 siblings and was raised by a single mother at the time who was living off government assistance in the rural area of Lake George Apartments. His dad was in prison most of his life. JES-B played several sports while attending Pasco High School. In 2003, He graduated from Pasco High School. After that, he chose to further his education at Bethune Cookman University. Less than a year later, he dropped out after receiving the news that his girlfriend(at the time) became pregnant with his child.


JES-B has a passion and love for music since the age of 12 and began rapping in the school cafeteria. He participated in the high school talent shows in which he won 1st place in all of them. Back in the 80s, Jes-B's granddad had a band and he'd watch them play. That is what inspired him to be the artist that he is today. While growing up, JES-B would say "LL COOL J. made it cool to rap and attracted the girls without selling drugs." This became one of his biggest inspirations for him becoming JES-B.

In 2016, JES-B wanted to take his music and the passion that he had for it- to a more serious level. So from there, he started his label called Dynamic B Records. He has several songs that feature mainstream artists -Future and Gucci- slated to be released soon.

Currently, Jes-B's music catalog consists of songs with Tom G, Frank Lini, Famous Kid Brick, Mowet from Pretty Ricky; just to name a few. Be sure to connect with Jes-B on all social media platforms.

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