MAC NOVA Detroit native, Mac Nova, has burst on the scene over the past year with nationally released music through Sony to include his last highly successful song, ‘Steal The Sun’. His newest release, Black Liu Kang, is a strong follow up resonating with his gamer fans. As a gamer himself, Mac Nova has demonstrated many of the super hero character’s qualities of determination, fierce loyalty, and a real love for his city, fans and family. He has unequivocally decided to use music to make a change in an industry that has suffered immeasurable losses, be setting out to re-create what the entertainment game ‘should’ be – an opportunity to display honorable, teachable lessons to those who will extend an ear and make a determination to change in order to save the culture and our youth who looking for better role models and life goals. IT’S TIME FOR A CHANGE!!!! BLACK LIU KANG – just let me kick it man! 

 Follow Mac Nova on ALL social media platforms @MACNOVAUNIVERSE 

Song/Video Credits Vocal Creator: Mac Nova 

 Mastering/Engineering: Guerilla Studios, Toledo Ohio 

 Management: DebraSue, Glass City Talent Mgmt/Promo/Publishing 

 Videography: Javonshootz 

 Video Director: Neal McCastle Music Producer: Terrell Graham 

PRO: BMI – Broadcast Music Inc. BLK - From the 2021 EP: Nova’s Ark All rights reserved.

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