On September 6th,2019 Nicki had her "Barbz" in a frenzy after she tweeted that she was going to retire from rap so that she could focus on her family. I myself never believe artists' when they make this type of announcement but it seemed pretty legit being that she seems to be a woman of her word BUT many artist have done so and are still rapping. (*Cough Cough...JAY Z for example)


For those who are not as in tune, NIcki has been dating a childhood friend and publicly made it known on  December of 2018. If you aren't aware that she has found her KEN and seriously.. his real name is "Kenneth" so technically she has found her match lol (Barbie and Ken.. for those who don't get it lol); you must be hiding from social media because they are every where together.  After her split with Meek a while back you haven't really seen Nicki this happy in a while. I mean she did say , On Ellen, that she requires sex 3 times a day so Mr.Ken aka Zoo is over there putting it DOWN ok lol. Always great to see people in love and happy. Per the media they could possibly even be married by now and that would make perfect sense pertaining to her announcement.


Back on topic tho.. she stated that she would be retiring..then apologized to her fans for the abrupt notice but it looks like the retirement will be put on hold either way because she just dropped a track with PNB Rock and Murda Beatz called "Fendi". Being that she also has a new Fendi Clothing Collection ,with over 120 pieces that will be for sale, this song is perfect for marketing and promotion definitely. Her pieces are definitely hitting too as I have no business looking at Fendi BUT her collection is so cute and off trend; which I love. For now it seems the HBIC of hip hop is not yet ready to put down her pink mic and Dylan Hot Fire Bars and we are not mad. AYe, when you are called by God to do works and you accomplish those works and more it can't be easy to leave it. 

Let's see if anything else drops after "Fendi" in which I definitely feel like there is more music to come.. Bet me $5 if you think not tho lol

Link to full video below...


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