Is the Problem of For Profits Also the Problem

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So, writes Bousquet- are for-profits the only education institutions that need reform? Absolutely not. The problem isn't just for-profit schools it is non-profit colleges and universities and the higher education system as a whole. The deceptive tactics passed down from the non-profits to the for-profits and currently used by the for-profit AND non-profit education sectors need to be eliminated. To fix higher education while stimulating the economy, Bousquet suggests: making higher education free for students who attend public institutions and holding members of the media accountable for accurate education reporting. Additionally, he says, standards need to be raised in the faculty sector. Educators should be required to meet heightened standards but, they also need incentives for continued training and professional development.

Bousquet has an arsenal of other suggestions as well, and while many may seem radical (i.e. free tuition at public universities), he ultimately calls on for-profit critics to reevaluate their "hypocritical and propagandistic misconstructions" and to set their sights instead on higher education, both non and for-profit, reform as a whole.

Most non profit organisations and charities have a website of some sort. In most cases these websites include a little bit of information about the organisation, some contact details, some resource archives and sometimes an option to donate. In the vast majority of cases this is where most organisations online presence ends.

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