Rapper JAX$ Raised in Charleston, influencers in the music industry is Jay-Z, Pimp C, Hotboys and No limit. If Rapper JAX$ could compare himself to any established artist it would be Gucci Mane because “We have a lot of things in common” says JAX$.

“When listeners tune in Rapper JAX$ music, He wants to motivate them to hustle and strive for success.

When this song was developed “I was reflecting back to the trap”.

I’ve always been a hustler, I’ve worked several jobs and sold almost anything and been successful but my passion is in music I wake up singing if I add my hustle with my talent, I won’t lose.

The most difficult thing I have to endure in life is being a convicted felon, it made me change my path in life and career.

In Charleston there isn’t a rap/ hip hop market, so I would agree that my biggest issue would be the exposure and not having the right resources to manifest on.

I feel like now with me getting a break, I’m goin to make sure that the world understand what I mean when I say “Geechee”. I hope my music will motivate people to be at their fullest potential and most important open door for South Carolina artist.

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