JMusiQ recently released two meaningful song called "Last Chance" which has two parts that I feel the people will enjoy hearing. For some time now I have been reviewing his music online and feel he definitely deserves all the recognition he receives. Today hip hop is missing skillful writers, soulful messages, real creativity, and honesty, all of which he displays in his music.

In Part 1 Of "Last Chance" he went on to speak about not getting caught up on the past, lustful things, and the people who will try to distract you from making it in life. Most people today are obsessed with the greed and everyday the enemy is trying to conquer our souls and mislead us. Our struggles and pain have lead many people down a path of full destruction. The majority of the people in the world no longer have faith or care for one another anymore. JMusiQ definitely see's different and refuses to get caught up in the chaos, so music is his only focus as he looks to uplift the people through his music.

In Part 2. of "Last Chance" he went on to speak about overcoming out struggle, never changing who is truly is for anybody, keeping the faith, and making his dreams a reality. He is just praying for a change and hopes that music brings the change he needs because he knows deep down inside there is a better way. I find JMusiQ to be inspiring and highly recommend that you all support it.



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