Just Rich Gates ft. Derez De'Shon & Schmidty Ohio - "Mo Money"


The production aspects of “Just Rich Gates” newest intricate single is impeccable with ambient soundscapes and lofi sampled beats that capture the inherent Golden Age fundamentals of hip hop. The synthesized sound meshed with the innovative sampled established a hard-hitting beat in which every rapper lyrically slaughters with systematic precision and accuracy. I was especially impressed with the dynamic twisted wordplay over a complex instrumental that resonated on top of the heavy-handed skills that these MCs possess.

The emotive qualities are apparent as this contained a banger tonality that is sure to knock out the listener’s stereo decks with 808 power and fortitude. The versatility of this single can be implemented at a multitude of venues which reinforces its fluidity within both the mainstream and underground music scenes. Their message resonates the pipe dream hustle surrounding the material monetary world and our dire need to get ahead. The multifaceted production components provide a hybrid oscillation of sound that cannot be replicated or reproduced by amateur artists within the same realm.

This lyrical ensembles ups the expectations for independent artists on an international scale through the execution of unprecedented raw talent. The metaphors, lyrical wittiness and unparalleled deliveries are rare in the music industry today especially in regards to pound-for-pound MCs in this distinct genre. In summation, if you want to hear an assembly of skill sets put into one project - this is your chance to truly dive into the mind-altering world of this authentic single and join the movement of novel conscious music that is revolutionizing the contemporary soundwaves!


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