Leading Ten Reasons Why I Enjoy Baseball

1 The Ultimate Challenge - Hitting a round ball with a round bat. The feeling I would get when I hit the ball. Just feel of a child that is crying for food. When that baby gets her bottle the first point you hear is that ahhhhh sound. Oh that ah. When I hit a ball completely I would have that ahhhhh.

two I call it Contentment at a higher level. - I played all the time when I was a kid. Some of my favorite memories were from the diamond. When I hit two residence runs in one game off the star pitcher form our High School team. I rounded the bases in complete view of our High College coach. I was glowing. When I hit a game ending residence run off Jay Klein. He thought I could only hit singles. Rounding the bases of redemption was a another special moment for me. When I broke up two no hitters from the star, city league pitcher. I felt like I had created the grade, and that was amazing.

3 Effortless watching - I can sit in my preferred chair and root for Derek Jeter to hit one up the gap. Holding my breath with each pitch delivered to him. Or, I can sit and read the paper and view the events of the game by way of the corner of my eye. Either way is ok with me.

4 I am amazed by what Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig accomplished in their careers. I look at old film footage, or read about either The Babe or Larripin Lou and always feel awed by the large numbers they both place on the board. From residence runs to RBIs to batting average to runs scored, Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig accomplished more than and over again.

5 Double my pleasure. - I could play baseball and get a tan at the exact same time.

six My sons played and my daughter still plays. I have had the pleasure of sharing joyous moments with my kids. Instances that I will not forget. Like when my daughter got the game winning hit against Fair Lawn Higher College last year. We won 1-. I was jumping up and down. I was so excited. I was so content she delivered.

7 I really like all of the statistics. Did you ever see so several stats? Runs, RBIs, hits, doubles, triples, property runs, stolen bases etc..... Comparing eras, or comparing players. Duos like Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig how do they stack up against other twosomes. Who had the highest batting typical in a three or four or five year stint? So numerous statistics to select kind. It is endless.

8 A place to excel - I loved taking a hit away from the batter. I felt great stealing a base. Why is it that stealing is negative except in baseball? My satisfaction was heightened by a solid hit. This was the greatest. Ahhhh. I especially felt fantastic rounding the bases following hitting a homer. I feel I know how Babe Ruth felt when he whacked a single.

9 My favorite team is the Yankees. Of all the teams I root for in all the specialist sports I watch the Yankees are the only group that wins on a relatively normal basis. All my other teams normally drop. It feels excellent when my group wins.

ten I really like the stories. - Like the story Mickey Mantle tells of the time when he very first joined the Yankees. He was not hitting nicely. His confidence was dwindling. Right after days of desperation he known as his father when he was playing close to Oklahoma. Mickey Mantle was hoping his father would give him a pep talk. But when Muck Mantle got to the hotel room exactly where Mickey and the New York Yankees had been staying. Muck did not give his son a pep speak. He did the opposite. Mickeys father told Mickey that he was there to pick up his son and bring him property. Mickeys father said that he did not know he raised a quitter. Mickey Mantle got the message. He started to hit right after his father left. He attributes that meeting with his father as a turning point in his career. I have heard Mickey Mantle inform that story a handful of occasions on tape or live. Whenever I hear him inform it I am moved by Mickeys love for his father.

11 It is just the greatest game.

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