Lifes too short to try to impress other people #musicmoney meets Texas trance maker The Gentleman Loser


Where are you from? 



Describe your sound: 

Good, old-fashioned trance and psytrance


Tell us about your latest track: 

This is a mix I wanted to do to show off some great tracks from 2019 and have a real sense of progression. It starts off at 120 bpm and climbs to 140 bpm by the end.


Who inspires you? 

I really enjoy listening to classical compositions to see how music can be used to tell a story. I think a lot of the melody-heavy orchestration in trance music actually reminds me of classical themes.


Where do you see your career in 5 years? 

I'm a total hobbyist; if I could get a gig opening for a national trance act, that'd be a real win for me.


Where can we check out your sounds? 

I have both a Soundcloud and Mixcloud, and generally post things to reddit's trance subreddit, including participating in their mix contests.


Tell us something about yourself that people need to know. 

Enjoy the music you like; life's too short to try to impress other people with liking stuff that's a deep cut.

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