Listen to the Emotional Single "Solo To The End" by Young Habibi

We fell in love with the first note of “Solo To The End” by magnificent artist Young Habibi. The Artist is a criminally underrated musician, singer, and songwriter blessed with one of the most unique and beautiful voices you’ll hear today.

The production and the vocal performances are tinted by incomparable artistic signature and are a reflection of the complex world from both an emotional, spiritual, and intellectual perspective.

It’s peppy, energizing, and will just really brighten up your mood. Habibi’s vocals have a trustworthy, reassuring tone. His voice is charismatic while also brimming with thoughtful sensitivity. Musically, this track is nicely polished.
The track also shows a little bit of the artist’s sentimental side. On this track, he goes beyond rapping and demonstrates that he’s a fairly capable singer. This single is fresh, and the performances live up to the polished production and stylish beats.

Stream the song on Spotify here 
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Solo To The End

Young Habibi · Song · 2021

Check out the iHeart Radio interview he recently did via Vigilante Radio. 

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