Hi I’m Michael the “Living Legend” is an artist of no boundaries. His first introduction to music came as a small child and he would visit his family hometown of Chicago.   He is a military child, which afforded him the opportunity to to experience many genres of music.  He was exposed to MoTown, grunge, techno, salsa, merenge. As he grew older and the trips, continued he gained an appreciation for Kenny G., Ludacris, and Snoop Dogg. LivingLegend sang in his churche's children choir and became  fascinated with the music and the instruments.  While attending college at Prairie View University, he decided to focus a career in music developing his sound and began performing at small venues. His was bitten by the music bug.
He dares to walk the ill-paved road of creating his own sound. The listener will hear blended “old school” vocals with strong melodies, backed by smooth rap over a heavy bass track in many of his songs. Generally, Legend lives life in the moment and uses his music to express his emotions. Unafraid of others reaction, he crosses genres to create the best presentation for the emotions he feelings in that moment. He attemps to stay original and keep his creativity open for growth and development. Legend would like to be able to influence music by encouraging others to be independent thinkers and allow others to be themselves. Conformity is the easy way out, and he enjoys the challenges to try anything.

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