Macatizm Presents Brand New Single,''Who Got Them Pies'' On MyMixtapez

Courtney Richmond AkA Macatizm has released one of the hottest singles ever dropped "who got them pies" should be earning the same or more buzz as songs like panda and other songs that are getting major attention, this song has a lot of meaning and represents the struggle, when Macatizm says "tired of being in the trap" or "who got them pies" this means tired of struggling for so many years when you have been working so hard just to get back to the same life for all the real hustlers that couldn't get past a certain extent , and had to resort to living in the same position as yesterday not getting passed without having that good connection, or good job. This is why Macatizm made this song. This song has so many visualizing parts that will be added soon. Macatizm has been a artist since a kid and that's over 20 years of writing, singing, and rapping. Macatizm will be dropping his newest single called "polepro" that will be one of the hottest singles he has put out with Macatizm being the CEO founder of country City Entertainment he will be releasing this project in April sometime, this single will be another huge story telling song. Please follow Macatizm here @macatizm on Instagram and @macatizm on twitter
Macatizm thanks fans for patience on my next single that will be dropping soon. Macatizm is on Mymixtapez Hiphopoverload and many other huge blogs. Thanks again to all my fans.

Check out "Who Got Them Pies" by Macatizm:

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