" Who You Calling Crazy"

Because often that is the first thing that they tend to say when your beliefs, ideals, behavior, thoughts, etc do not align with theirs. Hell, they even called Einstein crazy and he was supposedly a genius right? They definitely gave Kanye West the title of genius as well before this new one but is he actually bipolar or just suffering from severe depression? This depression could be the reason for his episodes that seem to be bipolar. 

Who are we to diagnose someone though or call them crazy? We do not walk their path nor in their shoes and what may be too tough for one being may be extremely detrimental to another. Even though he himself has stated that he suffers from such illnesses I honestly feel that he seriously needs some unconditional love around him. For Ye, I feel him losing his mother is a wound that he is unable to heal and even though they say time heals all wounds; That is not always true for some. These type of wounds do not heal...you simply place a band-aid over it and live with it. Unfortunately, that band-aid has to be changed often so that wound is always susceptible to being infected. That infection can come in the form of toxicity from others as well as self. That infection can be a Mother's/Father's Day without them. Birthday's. Holidays. Just days where you would love to talk to your loved one but are unable to. 

So my question is this. Is it insanity or realization of self? 

As an adult who grew up with mental illness in the home I can assure you that the meds definitely are not always the best option. My mother began exhibiting mental issues when I was about 14yrs old and it seemed to happen over night. I of course was probably too young to notice the signs earlier but I knew once I saw her speaking to a calendar that she had hung from the ceiling fan that something was wrong. She would be in and out of the psychiatric ward throughout my life but I was determined to help her heal. Honestly, I think trauma has alot to do with these type of illnesses and the inability to properly cope with the lemons being thrown at you. She was diagnosed as a schizophrenic with manic bipolar episodes and you better believe s*** used to get REAL. The meds would only dope her up which I hated so I was walking on a thin line with that. She would sit and not talk or move for hours when taking them which to me is for sure not healthy. So I devised my own treatment to help me cope with her insanity. Anytime she would start to become negative or "insane" for lack of a better term. I would try my best to keep her positive. I'd basically attempt to try to change her thought pattern in hopes of keeping her frame of mine focused and in reality. That of course did not always work but it did help alot. There were many times where I was the opp to her but I knew that it was only her illness speaking and not her spirit. 

So I say all that to say this... We may not always have the ability to empathize with those that are struggling with their mental processes but we must show compassion daily. We must learn to help others heal. We must provide love daily and overall we need to be more understanding of one another's spiritual path's.

Mental Illness Statistics

Adult Prevalence of Mental Illness - Adults with Any Mental Illness (AMI) 2020. 18.57% of adults are experiencing a mental health illness, equivalent to 45 million Americans. 4.38% are experiencing a severe mental health illness. (mhanational.org)

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