Multi-Genre Singer and Songwriter KC Jockey Releases Fusion Reggae Urban -Centric Single from the upcoming EP “Love in the Air”

LOS ANGELES, CA – The music industry has seen a trend within the influence of reggae and dancehall. Mainstream hip-hop artists are routinely incorporating the island, carefree vibe within their music, especially in the last few years. Breakout reggae urban star KC Jockey is here to grace the fans with the Jamaican-style music they’ve been craving. With the artist’s native roots tracing back to Kingston, it’s no surprise that his music truly captures the essence so naturally. 
Coming from a strong background in music within his family, KC Jockey knew it was his destiny to develop a musical career. Ever since he knew how to make sounds as an infant, he was always humming and singing. Once he moved to the states, he pushed further in making his musical dreams a true reality, no matter how much work was involved. “Due to my parents being protective, I grew up somewhat sheltered. Once given the opportunity to go out of my element, I really wanted to get into my roots through music. So, I would perform around the neighborhood, and at block parties. It all spiraled from there,” said the artist. When it comes down to what makes him stand it out, it’s simply how organically he goes outside out the box. KC Jockey is the type of artist that avoids the easier route just to get to his final destination. “I try to take the harder route because I’m always searching for results in the end. I’m very versatile, so I like to blend my music with a little bit of everything, from pop to jazz to reggae. Not many people can do that,” said KC Jockey. 
Recently, KC announced the release of his new hit single, “Love in the Air”, which belongs to his upcoming EP of the same name. It has been a busy month for the artist, as he is gearing up to film the visuals for the single in the next few weeks. The single is a true reflection of KC’s artistry, as it showcases happiness, joy and love. “I like when people hear my music, and it brings them back to a dated moment. It’s something to remember; it’s something that brings you back to that certain memory. The EP has songs that reflect long-term memories with substance,” said KC. The EP will encompass his timeless, infectious sound he is known for. 
Not only is he an all-star vocalist and songwriter, KC also uses his platform to promote positivity throughout the world. Four years ago, he created his “Say No to Domestic Violence” project, which he poured his heart into. He will also bring awareness to the aggressive sickness that is cancer through his single, Cancer”. He will also address the issue of bullying through his song “Don’t Bully”. With such a variety of talent, such as acting in major motion pictures like I Am Legend alongside Will Smith, he plans to utilize his skills when putting the visuals together for his EP. Is there anything KC Jockey can’t do? One thing is for certain: he sets an example for artists from all genres to follow, both off and on stage. It’s no surprise that music labels are knocking at his front door, trying to work with him.
Make sure to follow KC Jockey on his social media sites below, and stay tuned for the release of his new EP!
Love In The Air
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