My son and my mom inspire me I find it important to show my son how to create things and how to put your heart into whatever you are doing #musicmoney x @deboershapes

Where are you from?

I am from Big Bear Lake in Southern California. I grew up in the mountains skiing, skateboarding, and snowboarding.  Nature is a very inspirational force in my life.

Describe your sound:

I would describe my music as classical punk jazz.  Reggae has also been a heavy influence. I think punk music and reggae music have a lot in common in a similar way that classical music and jazz music have a lot in common.  These two essences are the driving forces that motivate me when it comes to writing music.

Tell us about your latest track:

My latest track "ripe" has been about mastering the novation circuit as a live instrument.

I started learning music on guitars and moved into keyboards and synthesizers and sequencers.  I am now a fan of the groovebox concept. I like to have control over samples and sequencers and still be able to drop in to do a freestyle jam. You end up juggling being the conductor, the virtuoso, and the composer. It's the future.

Who inspires you?

My son and my mom inspire me.  I find it important to show my son how to create things and how to put your heart into whatever you are doing.  My mom lives with cancer now and it shows me how fragile life can be. Being confronted with these two opposing spectrums I am inspired to make the most out of my time here and put focus into my goals. Art in general inspires me. Art is a representation of a person's focus and skill.  Great art showcases one's skill and focus. so I practice art to tune my focus and my skill.


Where do you see your career in 5 years?

I am currently developing my own video game system from the ground up.  When finished I want to make it a platform for independent artists to showcase and distribute their work directly to fans.  I also see myself continuing to work on music for the rest of my life.  Making music is a meditation.   

Where can we check out your sounds?

You should buy my album. To get it directly from me go to: ; When you buy the album directly from me you will receive the original cover art file along with the mp3 files delivered to your email.

Also for a limited time you can download an unreleased bonus track for signing up on my email list ( or by following me on spotify (

You can also find me on all major internet music services like itunes (, google music ( or amazon music (

Tell us something about yourself that people need to know.

I am also a statistician. I have been published in the journal of hospital medicine regarding the benefit of taking both statins and beta-blockers together. I would like to share that information here and if you know anyone on a statin or a beta blocker then I would suggest they look into using both, as I believe the result will extend beyond the cohort of vascular surgery patients we had examined.  So that is important for people to know because they can live longer. Snowboarding and skiing are important. Support art and innovation. 

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