Challenges struggling artists have connecting with major label record executives is predicted to be a thing of the past, according to Webb Music Pro. With rapid advances in technology and the growing number of smart phone users, this start-up tech firm has brilliantly merged hip-hop with technology. Creating the first interactive digital app that provides artist development services and connects independent artists with the major record label network, this instrument stands to revolutionize the hip-hop music industry and change the way record labels discover talent.

The owner of Webb Music Pro, Kevin Webb, is no novice in the hip-hop music industry. With 20 years of experience under his belt, Webb has worked with renown entertainers such as Jay-Z, Diddy, Pharell and Timberland. In addition, he has successfully spearheaded the careers of several hip-hop icons, including Fabolous and A-Boogie. Handling all aspects of their music careers, encompassing marketing and merchandising, Webb has become a recognized as a leading brand strategist in the world of hip-hop.

Webb's latest venture, Webb Music Pro now gives independent artist a seasoned management guru at the click of a button. For minimal fees, artists are guided step-by-step through artist development by top music industry executives and are groomed to be marketable to receive a recording deal. The toping on the cake is through this app subscribers are promised a record deal within 12 months, with a money back guarantee! That's a sweet and promising deal for struggling artists who typically have little to no access to high ranking record

The Webb Music Pro App is definitely a game changer. With the same incentive as highly publicized shows such as American Idol and The Voice, now the everyday striving artist can get a fair shot at a recording deal. Technology has leveled out the scales. Anyone with talent has an opportunity at stardom!

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