New Music Release: Kydd Magic - Confined to N0ne

I titled this project "Confined to N0ne" because it is a representation of myself in terms of not being restricted by anyone or anything. The overall message I want the masses to take from this work is to always speak your mind and to do whatever you want to without worrying about judgmental eyes and also to have acceptance within yourself and among others.

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Artist Bio: Originally from Brooklyn, New York (born and raised) Currently reside in Atlanta, Ga. Influenced heavily by the Hip-hop culture The Big Apple had to offer, I quickly grew to love hip-hop and drew inspiration from artist such as Biggie Smalls, Hov, Nas, G-unit and Wu-Tang. Both my parents were born and raised in Jamaica so I was exposed to reggae/dancehall as well. Moving to Atlanta only furthered my passion for music being that the majority of the people I came across were already doing it. It wasn't long after that I started going to studios and making records. Fast forward to today, I am now the founder and chairman of Numbern0ne, LLC. An independent entertainment group. My end goal, just to make dope a** content that everyone can appreciate.

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