New York Recording Artist, King Brice Presents Music Video To Brand New Single,''The Ripper''

King Brice is an artist and producer of  hailing from New York. His music is a fierce mash-up of old-school flair and contemporary production finesse to bring his unique take on an over-saturated hip-hop scene. His rhetoric is executed via classical sampling techniques, and majority of his beats are laid down on his trusted AKAI MPC 2000 XL and Maschine. Stylistically his music is heavily influenced and inspired by the likes of KRS-One, and features strong, thematic wordplay and fiery poetry.
King Brice, aka R.E.P.T.I.L.E (Rhymes Extremely Precise To Increase Lyrical Enhancement), was born in Port au Prince, Haiti, but spent majority of his youth being raised in the city streets of Essex County, NJ listening to the old-school giants of rap, hip-hop and R&B. It wasn’t long before he took the reins of the studio-controls and the microphone to perfect his own craft and develop his signature style that he is now well and truly known for.
Not one to waste any time, King Brice rose up quickly between 1999 and 2001. It wasn’t long before he landed a feature position on The Life Soundtrack with major-label recording artists like Xzibit, Juvenile, Nature and Ja Rule, effortlessly making the cut on the seminal album dubbed “25 to Life.”  He spent the next few years continuing to wow audiences all over the globe, sharing the stage and bumping elbows with some of the greats - notably Cormega, Swizz Beats, Foxy Brown, Pete Rock, Killa Priest of the Wu Tang Clan to name a few.
A philanthropic man, King Brice also spent a large chunk of his time dedicating himself to helping charitable causes as well as being ambassador of goodwill to Aje foundation for Haiti established in 2004.  He has supported deaf children in Africa to planting trees in the Caribbean and everything in between.
After some time off, King Brice is ready to step up again. His latest singles, “I’m Fuh Real”, and "Don Wepa"  which he released in 2016 has gained critical acclaim amongst his peers including a series of features for DJ @SkroogMkduk mixtape listeners. King Brice has undoubtedly found his sound with these records, as he demonstrates with his lyrical prowess, intertwined and laced over his organic and emotionally-driven beats. In no way, shape or form has he ever felt the need to compensate his style to appease the masses – the intensity of his records are heavy, raw, and uncompromising. His most recent work consist of the latest H23 Gallery Soundtrack for a Michael Jordan Museum owned by his friend and business partner Ian "Holiw23d" Benn. The soundtrack is set for re-release 2017 with new material featuring various artists including Kash The Almighty, Sheba Jordan and more . The previous release of the H23 Soundtrack has been making waves through digital outlets with great support by indie magazines and described as Epic by music fans in the UK . After his outstanding performance at Blackthorn 51 in Queens New York last October 2016, King Brice made a tremendous impression with his youtube video "Play My Enemies" featuring Fantum of BangEmBeats and Lyrical Travisty out of Philadelphia. The video directed by "Comtessa" of PlugmeTv displays an organic feel which Hip Hop is in dire need of during these times of creative demand.
Setting it off proper for the new Year, King Brice's New single "The Ripper"  is definitely a controversial must listen. The lyrical content is straight FIRE ! according to music fans and djs via twitter @KingBriceMusic and @KingBriceOfficial instagram followers. The track was produced by King Brice himself, available for purchase via BandCamp, soundcloud streaming and Youtube.
So who should be listening to King Brice? Anyone who is tired of being spoon-fed the garbage churned out by mainstream radio. Anyone tired of lame gimmicks. Anyone who is looking for something different, in a scene that’s been saturated with shallow, throwaway music. Anyone who is daring enough to step outside of their comfort zone and experience something out of this world. King Brice writes poetry to what he sees on the streets, he philosophizes about life and how he perceives the people and the world around him. King Brice is a purveyor of that classic off-kilter sound; Intelligent, grimy, and raw. If that’s something that you can dig, then look no further.
Written by Wololo Audio

Check Out ''The Ripper'' by King Brice:

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